KM 19,8 PMK

KM 19,8 PMK

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                                                           Bio pellet           briquettes              wood                 coal





Benefits burner:


  • High efficiency 90.53%
  • Possibility of burning pellets and bio pellets (straw, hay, sawdust ...)
  • Easy installation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Ability to control power
  • Highly organic combustion
  • Auto ashes




The burner is designed for a perfect and fully automatic firing wood pellets and bio. The very operation of the burner is fully automatic. Using the auger is withdrawn from the reservoir pellets,  is located on the left side of the boiler. Burner and tank are one unit that plugs into the bottom door of the boiler, which guarantees a simple installation. Ease of use contributes to transparent and easy to use control unit with LCD display, with extra links for room thermostat, as well as automatic popolňovanie from the burner.


The results of measurements of hot water boiler "KM-19, 8 PMK" at rated power.


Fuel   Peletky      
Fuel efficiency 16420[kJ/kg]
Fuel consumption 4,38[kg/h]
Average output 20[kW]
The average efficiency based on fuel efficiency 90,53[%]
Avg. O2 concentration 15,52[%]
Avg. CO2 concentration 5,04[%]
Avg. CO concentration calculated at 10% O2, t = 0 ° C, p = 1013 mbar 583[mg.m-3]
Avg. NOx concentration calculated at 10% O2, t = 0 ° C, p = 1013 mbar 272[mg.m-3]
Avg. OGC concentration calculated at 10% O2, t = 0 ° C, p = 1013 mbar 29[mg.m-3]
Avg. dust concentration in flue gas calculated at t = 0 ° C, p = 1013 mbar 38[mg.m-3]
Average temperature of flue 174[°C]
Average chimney draft 18[Pa]

2100 € incl. VAT

Availability: Skladom

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